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Clinical Science Institute is a comprehensive clinical research center under the direction of Dr. Paul Yamauchi. For the past decade, Dr. Yamauchi has served as a principal investigator for numerous clinical trials, focusing his expertise in dermatology. Dr. Yamauchi is widely regarded as an outstanding clinical research investigator nationally. In addition to being a lead investigator, he has also served on advisory panels designing protocols for various clinical trials that ultimately have lead to the FDA approval of various medications.

Clinical Science Institute offers cutting edge technology in the research and treatment of various skin diseases including psoriasis, acne, rosacea, eczema, skin cancer, and other medical skin conditions. Our center conducts various clinical trials on medications being evaluated by the FDA and not currently on the market. Participating in a clinical trial offers hope to patients who have undergone several forms of treatment for their condition that have been unsuccessful. In addition, for people without health insurance, clinical trials offer treatment for their condition when they could otherwise not receive treatment. Patients who participate in clinical trials are compensated for their time and effort. Our research center conducts clinical trials to the highest standards by board certified physicians and conforms to all the rules and regulations set forth by the FDA.